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The more matches you play the more adept at FIFA 16 you become

In years past, even as FIFA began to pull away from PES, every FIFA fan seemed to share the same singular vision when supplying yearly feedback to EA Sports: FIFA 09 was too fast; FIFA 11 had robotic defending, and even FIFA 12 - the pinnacle of the series - had some glaring issues. It’s clear that despite the quality, each year still saw new issues and problems. Not all teams have particularly fast wingers -- at least not the kind of blazing speed we’ve come to expect from today’s wingers such as Antonio Valencia or Gareth Bale. However, wingers can still be extremely effective because they are especially agile dribblers, and a lot of teams succeed with this kind of winger. You need to recognize what kind of winger you have on each wing.
It's actually understandable why everything but FIFA 16 Ultimate Team would be stripped out of the game. It's not just because not only is there greater potential to make money from Ultimate Team than in selling a $4.99 unlock for the core game modes. It's that if you take away the option to play anything but Ultimate Team, EA manages to get people who otherwise wouldn't touch the feature – like myself, for instance – to play the Ultimate Team mode, and potentially spend more than that $4.99 that they would have on unlocking the full game. And when you can sell card packs and the like instead of just one $4.99 IAP for playing matches of my choosing, then, well, I understand why. I don't like it, though.
You'll find yourself frequently skipping these breaks in play to return to the action, of course, but one of the most irritating issues with FIFA 15 was that attempting to skip replays prior to taking a set-piece/goal kick would often lead to you mistakenly kicking the ball following one too many button presses. These little replays and animations help to completely eradicate that issue. There's also some neat little superfluous additions such as grass on the pitch showing wear and tear as time ticks away during a match, and players' kits being visibly affected by rain and other such weather conditions. Admittedly, Pro Clubs is pretty tough to pick up and win with, but the more matches you play the more adept at FIFA 16 you become. My Pro Club, Wombles FC, is a mixture of FIFA 15 friends and new faces, including Orange in the Oven’s own Leo Ponce!
We have played 3 or 4 matches already, and while it has been a struggle there is no denying the fun when someone scores a goal and we all get to celebrate. Likewise, the commentators will criticize the goalkeeper for not reaching a ball that was a "good height", ignoring the fact that he had previously been taken out of the game with a square ball across goal. With players and fans adopting contextual behavior based on their surroundings, the importance of a game and time on the clock, it seems a shame that this hasn't translated to the commentators. Also, after playing the recent Madden NFL game, we were disappointed not to see half-time and post-match analysis. 
The inherit problem with FIFA 16 is not every moment in football is a cup final. Often it is standing in the rain, watching the players you call by their first names at the tail end of 3-nil drubbing, knowing you’re going to do it all again next week. We can hope that next season, EA Canada continues to iterate, and strikes a balance between footballing glamour and realizing the beauty and passion of mid-table obscurity, because all football fans deserve the chance to experience a real simulation of the game we love. The players react to different situations in the game and depending on the score, in the last few minutes you can sense the tension amongst defenders if you are leading or an all-out-attack if you are conceding. During the game, you can change team tactics that now also include ‘parking the bus’ and ‘all out attacks’ and it actually works.
There’s also a curious bug which limits my ability to search for players by name. In my Arsenal career game, I wanted to put a bid in for Marco Reus, Dortmund’s electric attacker. Except there was no Reus. Putting in “Marco Reus” shunted me to a random player with M as the first letter of his first name. I could only find Reus by searching by team and league, then scrolling through all of the Dortmund players.