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FIFA 16 will need to work twice as hard to clear the issues

FIFA 16 news is heating up following E3, with a raft of tweaks to the winning formula set to immeasurably improve the playing experience for the millions of addicted fans around the world. But while the features have been revealed to include women’s football teams as well as overall adjustments across the pitch, fans are itching to know who will be their stars for the new game, with career mode still proving mightily popular despite the rapid rise of ultimate team. For career mode as i play it a lot when i am a manager and simulate a game i should be able to make subs on my own. If a player is injured i should be able to take him out right away instead of playing him for an extra 40 minutes until he comes off, i have a CB subbed off and they decide that instead of subbing on my other CB they put in my RB or LB whichever i have on the bench as well.
The big man in charge is often every bit as important as a team’s top goalscorer, and the presence of huge personalities like Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger on the touchline adds an extra level to real football matches. We’d love to see that touched on in FIFA 16, with the manager doing more visible actions instead of just standing there like a statue and only occasionally shouting out tactics. Even Wenger’s massive jacket has more character than FIFA’s pitiful gaffers. When you are one on one, dont just keep running in the straight towards middle of goal, try to put him on angles. For example Eden Hazard is through on goal and has space try to use his right footed finish so you need to turn him slightly towards right and use finesse shoot and vice versa for a left footed player.

It's not just the man at the back that's undergone an artificial intelligence overhaul, though, as your team mates and opposition alike are now much better at reading the game. In past titles, computer controlled teams tended to crumble well before the final whistle after going 3-0 down, but here, most teams will continue to put up a staunch resistance right until the end. Likewise, if you're in desperate need of a goal, your attacking players will eagerly sprint past you and point for the ball. Due to these AI changes, proceedings appear more believable, with defenders checking the runs of strikers, and wingers overlapping their opponents and bending their sprints so that they're not caught offside. Just by sitting back and watching two computer controlled teams, it's clear to see that this is the closest FIFA has got to the real world sport.
Also, here’s a pro-tip, do not upload gameplay from FIFA 15 on your PlayStation 4 while in a game. I scored an incredible goal that I wanted to show a friend on Facebook. I pressed the share button, trimmed the clip and uploaded it to the internet while in my game. I return to FIFA 15 only to find that I’d been disconnected from the FUT servers and my progress removed from that game. Sharing is a pillar of the new generation of consoles. The PlayStation 4 especially has made sharing so crucial that it’s an actual button on the controller. EA Sports needs to recognize this and make it so that sharing clips from the game doesn’t force players to lose progress in specific modes. That just seems silly to me.
The player models have been updated, and not just in the hairstyle department. The game’s digital sportsmen have generally been given more muscular body shapes, with longer arms and shoulders slightly reminiscent of 1980s Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s perhaps a bit extreme for all but the most ripped players, but they certainly look more like athletes than in previous games. For all the graphical improvements, the odd glitch does remain. Far less often will you see a player’s arm pass through the body of his team mate during a goal celebration, but they do occur on the rare occasion. Gone, as far as one can see from some 12+ hours of gameplay so far, are glitches involving levitating players or getting knocked over by invisible team mates in the post-goal festivities. Players can expect all of the user-friendly game modes and mini games from FIFA’s past, along with new features and vast improvements to some historical weak spots. Ultimately, FIFA 16 succeeds in creating the ultimate experience for fans. Whether you want to manage a club to a Champions League Title, or have a 10 year career with a custom player, FIFA’s got it. FIFA 16 sets a high bar for sports games, and FIFA 16 will need to work twice as hard to clear it next year.