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FIFA 16 is off to a very strong start

EA announced a number of improvements to defending in FIFA 16. Defenders will be more agile, able to turn more quickly and react to opponents’ dribbling moves in order to keep them under control. Players will have more control over tackles, and will be able to change the length of a slide tackle or make their players stop and get up mid-tackle, making them less likely to be taken out of the game. FIFA’s career mode needs to improve, we all know that. Recently Change Career Mode has been gaining traction on Twitter, while YouTubers are also putting forward their own suggestions on how EA could really take it to the next level.
It's not the visuals that catch your eye. They don't look a whole lot different from FIFA 16, but that's not a bad thing because it looks pretty good. The motion captured movement still shines through and is where FIFA trumps PES. It nails natural movement on the pitch. You can also quite clearly tell your Neymar from your Ronaldo and pick out Hope Solo in between the sticks. If you don't play FIFA, know that FIFA's loading screens give you all these little mini-games to play while the code crunches in the background. I wish every game did this. It really helps kill the time, and when you jump from FIFA to a game like Madden, it just crushes you that you have to sit and watch a static screen instead of trying a few passes.

The formation and ideology of the team you're playing against makes a significant difference to whether you can score those ridiculous shots, though. On higher difficulty settings, AI teams drastically change their approach depending on the circumstances. If you're playing as Manchester City in a Premier League game against a Burnley side struggling to avoid relegation, then you're going to face a strategy designed to limit your time and space on the ball. In instances such as this, it becomes extremely difficult to get the likes of Yaya Toure into a position from which he can launch a deadly long-range strike, with Burnley's central midfielders working hard to fill the gaps and limit your options.
FIFA 16 is off to a very strong start, and has the potential to be the best game of football EA has produced in years. Here’s ten reasons why this year could return FIFA back to the top of the league. Although it’s not quite the extensive roster we might have hoped for, it’s a solid start and hopefully we’ll see women’s leagues in the not-too-distant future. More players from other leagues will be released over due course and this doesn’t just apply to the English Premier league and football league but to all of the big players in Europe. The first of these players will become available for the week running up until Monday, May 11th at 18:00 UK time.
Little tweaks such as panning the camera out a little more so that more of the pitch is instantly surveyable and less-scripted intelligence to your computer-controlled opponents are what elevate Pro Evo beyond what we’ve previously seen. Bar the improvements to graphical fidelity and a more dynamic weather system, it’s actually a little tough to immediately appreciate the subtle differences in the gameplay mechanics this time around. A few matches in, however, and it becomes readily apparent that the game’s more immersive and less situational than its immediate counterpart - but not by much. Each 90-minute match contains a myriad of surprises and unexpected outcomes, much more in tandem with the real-world game that it’s trying to convey.
FIFA 16 will also introduce a new game mode called FIFA Trainer, which allows players to learn the game via on-screen hints and instructions. As players on the pitch receive the ball, controller buttons appear above them, indicating that the game is recommending different shot types, passes and directions be attempted. The idea is that if players follow the on-screen ques, they’ll be practicing plenty of techniques which will improve their overall game. Practice modes certainly aren’t new to the series as a whole, but this is a neat way to get players to try new strategies and shot types they otherwise would’ve have thought of.