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FIFA 16 is more a tweaked version of last years edition

It could be said that EA Sports is emulating Apple where the latest FIFA is concerned. Apple has an "S" year biannually, choosing to modify and adapt the last generation of iPhone rather than reinvent the device. This is EA's "S" year. FIFA 16, from the early build we played on the company's stand at E3 2015, is more a tweaked version of last year's edition. Although women's football is an all-new inclusion, with 12 officially licensed women's teams joining the fun, the gameplay is more tweaked than overhauled, with few far reaching changes - ironic considering FIFA itself is undergoing it's biggest rejig in many a year. It seems like yesterday that we experienced all night benders of free kicks and over the top goal celebrations in FIFA 16, skunking a buddy five to nil and picking the best kit for our FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Of course, FIFA 16’s time has come and gone. It was a sweet relationship we’ll never forget, and now we’re ready for something new to get our soccer fix. Enter FIFA 16, arguably the best entry in EA Sports’ longstanding franchise. In this article, we’ll touch base on a few of the basic tips you’ll need to hold your own on the pitch.
Scouting needs to be fixed. In my opinion the best 30-40 players in the best leagues should not have to be scouted, then you get less quality leagues the best 10-15 players should be scouted fully already. If for example i scout the MLS a player like Hamid should already be scouted fully or the Championship someone like Ritchie or Deeney should already be scouted. Could do with improving because there’s potential for it but it feels still weak somewhat. Also it’s not a huge problem but i hate when as soon as i load up a career mode there’s already players scouted, especially when one of the instructions is any position and promising, too much clutter there. Instead, this list will look at some of the more obscure names in world football. Some have shone on previous FIFA games, others are impressing in real life, while there are a couple of stars who are exceedingly talented, reasonably well known, but haven’t been poached by the giants yet. When you’ve earned the nickname ‘Batman’ by the time you’re 21, you know you’re doing pretty well for yourself. Michy Batshuayi is a tricky, two-footed striker blasting his way into scouts’ notebooks around Europe, currently impressing for Marseille with 9 goals in 26 appearances, though he’s only started 6 games.

So I've already played over 100 games. I've tried pace, strenght, passing, counter-attack, 3 on the back, etc. All that you can think of, I've tried. What I found best? Passing. Cluster the midfield with players and pass around as much as you can. Be aggresive though. Use the "horizontal-vertical" style. What is this? When you pass 1 horizontal pass then 1 vertical pass, in a rule of thumbs. Hoziontal then vertical, then horzinontal and then vertical, until you reach 3/4 of the field. Then get creative. Simple as that. Build the play. Fast paced attacks are easy to stop, if when facing a decent defender. Know the difference! A dumb defender (opponent) can be beaten by a fast direct attack with fake-shots and what not. A smarter defender (opponent) needs to be beaten by build up plays with a lot of passes. Like in real life. Remember my well known advice: KNOW YOUR OPPONENT, THEN PICK YOU STYLE OF PLAY.
Of course, some changes have been made with respect to FIFA 14. Efforts have been made to get closer to the ideal when it comes to the realism of football matches – new sets of animations reflecting the reactions of players on the field were added, as well as the ways of presenting the events outside the match were improved. The developers also gave to us more tactical options, allowing, inter alia, the famous parking the bus or keeping the ball in the corners of the field. The defense was also noticeably improved and is now much more focused on the cooperative game with the entire team rather than individual battles with opponents. Some technical errors known from the predecessor have been eliminated. A number of new team and league licenses were also added. In the chapter, where FIFA 16 Ultimate Team EPL teams are suggested, the prices stated are the ones from the date of the guide’s publication: March 2015. We used the minimum and maximum prices fixed by EA.